Heimat Obstruction – Have You Seen The Sky?

“Heimat Obstruction” is a part of the Art-Riot project and it has been performed in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan so far. As part of “Art-Riot” Riccardo wanted to take the space that has been denied to him by Bureaucracy.  His aim is to explore the boundaries of convention, how strong habits of everyday life are bound to us. We have rules that have become part of our genetic code, which has sculpted our perception making them almost too solid. Rules lead us to behave in a certain way. He works in the streets as a means of a personal appropriation of the city where he lives. When he performs in the streets, Riccardo likes to be focused but he never ignore the people around his, because they are part of it. His aim in art is to be able to open people’s perception and at the same time his own. A painting, a theatre or street performance has the aim of connecting us as human beings.

”Have You Seen The Sky?” in Seoul metro (12′ 17”)

”Looking at people, every day travelling, locked in vehicles, public transport, subways, planes. I often saw a flock of pigeons in the main hall of the underground…that always made me think. Almost brought me to picture that pigeons into the water to have a swim. I wanted almost to bring a few of them emigrating to next stop via metro…”

With his work “Have you seen the sky”, Riccardo wants to reflect on how society goes against nature’ s rules in order to accommodate the spoiled man. Society cages animals and humans, voluntarily and involuntarily. Apparently caging and boxing is becoming so natural for us that trees will have birth from cardboard boxes. The strong visual impact of origami birds in the tube astonished people who helped him and his collaborators to make this work possible. Paper is made out from trees and having birds that come from wood made him feel a bit like, those birds are rooted to their country.