Heimat Obstruction – Seagull Chase

“Heimat Obstruction” is a part of the Art-Riot project and it has been performed in Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London and Milan so far. As part of “Art-Riot” Riccardo wanted to take the space that has been denied to him by Bureaucracy.  His aim is to explore the boundaries of convention, how strong habits of everyday life are bound to us. We have rules that have become part of our genetic code, which has sculpted our perception making them almost too solid. Rules lead us to behave in a certain way. He works in the streets as a means of a personal appropriation of the city where he lives. When he performs in the streets, Riccardo likes to be focused but he never ignore the people around his, because they are part of it. His aim in art is to be able to open people’s perception and at the same time his own. A painting, a theatre or street performance has the aim of connecting us as human beings.

Seagull Chase (5′ 43”)

Riccardo explores the the beautiful land of Myanmar, by developing an eye-catching performance with the help of locals and visitors. The artist argues around the facts that the seagulls are not free, not independent anymore because our society that first spoiled human beings, the earth and its living creatures. It might seem to be a beautiful image, a flock of birds following the artist for a while…but there is sadness in the heart of the artist.