Medium: C-Type printDimensions: 75 x 50 cmYear: 2013

Medium: C-Type print (limited edition of 9)
Dimensions: 75 x 50 cm
Year: 2013

Nature Vs Nurture

According to humanistic psychology the self is defined as a person’s belief about self and her attributes. This means that who we are is relative and we are what we think we are. This project of staged self-portraiture investigates these fluid notions of self. By exploring binary oppositions within the personality, such as stable versus unstable, optimistic/pessimistic, settled/displaced, strong/weak, the work confronts these fluctuant notions of identity. Each photograph depicts narratives in the juxtaposition between seemingly opposing and contradicting parts of the self. It is part of artist’s The World Is a Detour series.


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